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Not me! It's hard! It pushes us out of our comfort zone and into something new, often times it requires us to trust someone else. Someone who we may not be sure how they will handle that fragile part of us.

In my recent trip to Colombia, it was recommended to me by a local friend to take a horseback ride through the Valle de Cocora. I immediately said, "No way!" I had an experience in Brazil years ago where I went riding and lost control of the horse. I would find out later that the horse wasn't being well treated and it was in pain, but this experience caused me concern regarding trying again. I had stepped into a new and vulnerable situation then, and it hadn't turned out so well. 

When I arrived at the park and started to head up to the trail in order to stick with a safe hike, where I wasn't depending on animal to carry me, I met Yesid (photo below). Of course, he was wanting to sell this tour to me, but he also was patient with me as I explained (in my not-so-great Spanish) that I wanted to do this, but I was nervous to try again. His patience and kindness in preparing me for the trip and what I would expect, was exactly what I needed to step in and make myself vulnerable to try again.

He guided me with such care and perceptively let go of the reins more and more as the trip continued and he could see I was gaining more comfort and confidence. More than that he explained how they treat their horses and give them a week of rest after a week of work so that they are able to recover from the trips they take. 

What did Yesid do for me? He patiently showed me gentleness and care that I could trust him and my horse Sophia. He eased me into the process and made me feel safe enough to overcome my fear and lean into my vulnerability. And isn't that really all what we need when we are attempting to share about something we feel vulnerable about? Someone who is patient, kind, understanding and eases you into the process. Showing you that it isn't so hard after all, and that the outcome can be valuable and cathartic. 

And I will tell you, that experience was probably one of my favorite days on my trip while I worked remotely; out there alone on a trail with Sophia and Yesid. I was proud of myself for trying again and stunned by the beauty I was able to encounter because I did make myself vulnerable. 

So what questions might a digital nomad coach suggest for you to consider?

Where have you been burned in life that makes you hesitant to try again?

Where can you attempt to make yourself vulnerable and maybe be surprised by the results? 

I have learned so much through remote work and as a digital nomad coach. If you need some support as you learn to lean into your vulnerability? Schedule a free Connect Call today.

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