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After many years of self discovery and my work as a therapist I started to recognize one constant: CHANGE. Despite the consistency of change in our lives, navigating these transitions often remains arduous and lonely, causing us to feel stuck in the chaos and overwhelmed by the journey. As a Life Transition Coach, I offer expert guidance and support to help you find beauty in the process and hope in the transformation it brings.  

Blending fifteen years experience as a therapist and coach, as well as my own multi-faceted journey navigating life transitions; be it location changes, relationship shifts, or spiritual exploration, have all prepared me to offer a fresh perspective on living life with presence, balance, and joy. 

My love of movement, specifically dance and yoga, have positively informed my coaching, recognizing that movement provides a unique place for growth and understanding of self. 

As an avid wanderer, traveler, adventure-seeker and a bit of a bohemian; I have experienced the ups and downs of life's journey. All of this has equipped me to support and guide you as you navigate the process of transition. Let's begin!  


Sarah Yonan

A bit about me...

Photo by Carlos Andrés Dueñas

Here is what you find when you work with me...



A down-to-earth environment that fosters space for growth.


A place that encourages investigation of the unknown through critical thinking practices.  


Structure with a nurturing hand that provides balance. 


Individual awareness that strengthens connection within collaboration.


Understanding that brings openness to learning.


Insight that brings clear direction and stability.

Sarah Yonan Coaching

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Sarah is a gifted clinician and coach. She is a careful, reflective listener and is skilled at asking insightful, thought-provoking questions that expand your perspectives and push you forward. It’s a gift and finely honed skill to be able to make your clients feel both wholly supported/accepted and wholly challenged to grow and evolve. I enthusiastically recommend Sarah’s coaching and counseling services.

Amanda (United States)

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