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You have options...

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your life?
Feeling isolated by all the change happening?
Is it difficult to know what direction to go?

next steps










Next Steps gives you the balance and the beginning of path forward,
while Uplevel supports you in the process of developing that clarity into reality. 

Have you found home but want to build more community?
Is your spiritual path clear but you want to grow it further?
Do you want to develop a more healthy relationship?


Looking for something a little more traditional? 

online therapy


client review

I found Sarah in a moment of immense fogginess, where it felt like there were a million and one things happening in my life—a break-up with my long-time partner, a move back to my home country, healing my relationship with my parents, losing some friendships and gaining others, pivoting my business, healing inner child and shadow wounds, the list goes on—and I didn't know how to prioritize myself amidst all of it. I knew I was on the cusp of a breakthrough into my next-level life, relationships, and business, but it simultaneously felt like all of the support systems I previously had were no longer there (though they were never that great to begin with), and I was left on my own to sort through everything and find my way.


Sarah came in with grace, empathy, and an intuitive understanding of exactly where I was, what I needed, and how I needed to receive her support and guidance. Throughout our time together, I was challenged to become who I really am, and to do so unapologetically, authentically, and in a fully embodied way. We not only worked through and healed the present issues and their underlying pain points, but after our 6-months of working together, I now feel truly equipped to tackle whatever comes my way. Our last session truly was a "bird flying the nest" moment, and I can't believe the difference in the person I am today versus who I was before working with Sarah. She's truly transformed my path for the better.

Carly Jo



Sarah has been incredible to work with. She is relational and empathetic and has continued to appropriately push and coach me to better understand my anxiety. I always look forward to our sessions; and whether we use our hour so I can just decompress about my stressful job or the weight of the world, or to dig deeper into certain experiences, I always feel like I’ve come away with a little bit of growth and understanding.

client review


I’ve been meeting with Sarah for the last few months and can wholeheartedly say I look forward to each session more than the last. Sarah creates a comfortable and inviting space for her clients to share freely and has helped me grow past things that I thought I’d carry forever. I couldn’t be more grateful!

client review


I found Sarah at a time in my life when there was some chaos, and big feelings inevitably followed. She listens with empathetic, understanding and validating ears. In a world where it can be difficult to accept challenges from others, Sarah gives the nudge (with the follow through) to motivate towards forward progress, even when it’s hard. She is not only a gifted listener, but a story teller, supporter, reliable resource and confidant. Her clients (and I) are lucky to know her.

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